Pink Arabesque

1. Draw vector design in Macromedia Flash 8.

93.5" x 95". Cotton fabric, soy/cotton blend batting, polyester thread. Designed by Nina, stitchcoded by Theo, stitched on Behemoth the Quilt Plotter, reverse appliqued and bound by Nina. The process:

2. Load onto Quilt Plotter and set appropriately.
3. Stitch.
4. Begin snipping away top layer of fabric (because you loaded two top layers before stitching, color on the bottom and white on top)
5. Keep snipping.
6. Snip until done.
7. Bind on Davis Vertical Feed treadle (best binding machine evah).
8. Include tag.
9. Place on Momz's bed.
10. Get approval from cat.