Limited Edition Art Stitching

Pale Gray labs specializes in creating stitchwork that is beyond the capacity of human beings; designs that can only be executed by robot. We offer services to artists and designers wishing to bring their vision to life using our unique expertise and equipment. Please note that we are not a volume production service: If you need a hundred of something, or you have a design that can be handled by a conventional quilting or embroidery service company, you don't want to hire us. But if they've turned you away or told you it can't be done, we might be able to help.

Our speciality is the application of sophisticated mathematical techniques to the creation of single-line stitching instructions, starting from vector art (Adobe Illustrator, EPS, etc). Our methods are well-suited to some designs, poorly suited to others. Generally speaking, the things we can do well are things that other people cannot handle, while the things they can handle are often not suitable for our methods. We're happy to look at your design and tell you whether we're the right people to work with, or not.

Because we are artists ourselves, we understand the concept of limited edition fine art work. If you need something really special, we know what you mean by that.

Quilt Commissions

Do you want a custom art quilt that you just really can't get anywhere else? We welcome creative challenges and work with patrons to create designs of surpassing beauty.